Blackened EP


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released October 24, 2012



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Miguel, Danny, Joe, Axel

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Track Name: Serpents Astray
Hell waits for my passing, anger hate everlasting. I am nothing but a phase, put the razor to my vein. Your life wonders what is rest, your answer is simply death. Slamming my face to the floor, broken nose, but i want more. Lost my hands, cant hide my face, heaven called me a disgrace. Throwing up my fucking heart, sinking souls i have no part. Days go by and i cant sleep, my hands are crossed buried deep. bury me deep.
Track Name: Modes of Existence
Darkness swallows my mind again, you try to pretend that you have friends. The noose coils my fucking neck, wasting every recycled breath. always looking for a reason, always bind your flesh to treason. Swallow nails pierce my fucking throat, hate my life till i fucking croak. Born with nothing to offer, prepare yourself for slaughter. Broken legs knees bending in. Nothing left consume my sin.
Track Name: Blackened
The blood spills like water and i cant close my eyes.( the unstable waltz of life, called "watching myself die".) The shadows walk the street, they fill the void beside me. Blackened eyes, i can't sleep, i can feel them haunt me. They whisper in my ears "what is it that you fear?" Feeling nothing within, feeling nothing without. Feeling nothing within, im tired of waiting. The black figure draws me in.
Track Name: Tunnels
These broken bones push out my skin, your sorry fucking words make me cringe. Ill sit and alone and count my scars, they're all i have end to start. People turn away and ill do the same, ill stain the fucking earth with my grave.
Track Name: Waves of Grey
I look around and everybody is dead, they are conditioned for a bitter end. They paint their god in the image of them. But their faces are covered in flesh. Their silence screams in my ear, i pretend that i dont hear. I am being eaten alive by my own fears, close my eyes and swallow the fucking spear. I feel so fucking alone, i can count all of my bones. They look and stare back at me. Waves of grey desensitize me.